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    The Bicycle Urbanism People
    International consultancy specialising in bicycle urbanism. Planning, coaching, design, communications and every aspect of life-sized cities.
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    Coaching Packages for Visionary Cities
    "Over the shoulder" coaching for effective, professional results.
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  • Desire Lines
    Desire Lines
    Analysis of desire lines for improving infrastructure
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    Design Goodness
    Design solutions for bicycle-friendly cities
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    An Intermodal Future
    Solutions for combining bicycles with trains, buses and anything that moves.
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    Communication for the 99%
    Communication, branding and visual identity

This is Copenhagenize Design Company

The fast track to Bicycle Culture 2.0.

We're your multi-disciplinary "go-to team" for cities in all matters relating to bicycle culture, planning, traffic and communications. We approach every job from the human perspective - using design, anthropology, sociology and common sense as our points of departure.

Only a few generations ago, the bicycle was a main feature on the urban landscape of cities and towns around the world. There is little standing in the way of us advancing the evolution of Bicycle Culture 2.0. Modern urban planning is often singular in its focus on technical models and solutions, statistics, impact assessment and cost. Copenhagenize prefers to place the primary focus on human nature in our work. We think bicycle user first and design from there, whatever the city.

Our speciality is inspiring and advising both cities and organisations about how to re-establish the bicycle as a transport form and thereafter reap the wealth of benefits.

Reestablishing the bicycle on the urban landscape, for us, is designing and constructing a monument in each city we work in. A monument to human ingenuity and rationality and every brick of the monument is human-powered.

We think we have the best job in the world.

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