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Copenhagenize Flow  

Quite simply, The Copenhagenize Flow is pre-fabricated, recycled modules that click easily together to create to adjustable widths and unlimited lengths of separated cycle tracks on city streets.

Affordable, effective, visionary.

Cites can kickstart their bicycle infrastructure network at a fraction of the price and see virtually instant results. It’s a low-risk investment with long-term benefits.

Implementation is quick and effective. With The Flow you can:

- Implement 1 km per day with a small team. A larger team will just make it go quicker and farther. The east of implementation makes it possible for even families with children to participate in the process.

- Remove it upon completion of the pilot project and place it on another street.


The Copenhagenize Flow is ready to help cities start building their separated cycle track system. Cities around the world are gearing up for Bicycle Culture 2.0 and re-establishing the bicycle as transport on the urban landscape is quickly becoming a priority in cities on every continent.

The cities that are moving fastest in increasing their bicycle traffic are the ones who understand that separating bicycles from motor vehicles is of utmost importance. Many cities understand the need for separated bicycle infrastructure but they are reluctant to start investing in Copenhagen-style lanes.

The Copenhagneize Flow provides them with an inexpensive, easy-to-implement and effective temporary cycle track system. A gateway drug to permanent infrastructure, if you like.

A solution that will provide safe infrastructure for the city’s cyclists and that will get much-desired results in a short time.

Proof of Concept for separated cycle tracks. Fast, easy, cost-efficient.

We know that separated bicycle infrastructure encourages cycling like nothing else. It’s that simple. Installation of cycle tracks on streets increase cycling by 10% in Copenhagen. In Emerging Bicycle Cities, that number is far greater.

We know that Best Practice design is the only way forward. Copenhagen-style, separated infrastructure is an evidence-based success over a century in the making.

There are countless benefits to increasing the number of citizens on bicycles. Cities that take cycling seriously stand to reap fantastic socio-economic rewards. For example:

1.7 billion kroner - (€233 million) is the net societal gain thanks to the cycling citizens in Copenhagen.
€ 0.23 is the net profit for every kilometre cycled in Copenhagen.
€ 0.16 net loss for every kilometre driven in the city.

Add to those numbers all the obvious facts about reduced congestion, improved air quality, better quality of life. At the end of the day, however, all people want is a safe and fast A to B journey.

We call it A2Bism. Why do Copenhageners ride? The vast majority say they do it because it’s fast and convenient.

If you make the bicycle the fastest and easiest way to get from A2B in a city, people will ride. If you build, they will come.

With The Copenhagenize Flow, you can start building.

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